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Transcultural Mental Health and Australasian Refugee Health Conference 2013


We were honoured to be part of the delegation and present at the 2013 Transcultural Mental and Refugee Health Conference in Perth. The conference was the only one of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region and aimed to extend our knowledge, challenge our views and allow us to network with experts in refugee health.

The week was filled with speakers which engaged us in various multidisciplinary topics such as research into age determination in refugee children to the role of Australia in global health. Most notable was a panel discussion featuring speakers such as Dr Annie Sparrow and Young Australian of the Year Akram Azimi, a former refugee that discussed the future of refugee health. A theme which resounded in our minds was the sustainability of refugee health services, such as Healthy Start and how we can continue our work into the future.

Kris and Mo Perth

Our presentation was received enthusiastically by the esteemed delegation! We presented data which showed the effectiveness of healthy start as a model for refugee health education and increasing student awareness. It was very intimidating to present to experts of their respective fields and equally overwhelming to receive their positive feedback! It seems many universities and refugee organizations are interested in Healthy Start.

Kris Perth 1Mo Perth 1

 It was a truly inspiring week which we’ll direct towards fueling our ambitions for Healthy Start, the future looks very bright!

Big thanks to Hope4Health, Griffith University and Dr. Margaret Kay who sponsored us for this opportunity.

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