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Healthy Start Session # 5 2013

Healthy Start Session #5

HS Session #5 was run with a 60+ group of asylum seekers.

HS#5 involved a culturally diverse group of asylum seekers currently on community determination VISA’s. This group is in a particularly difficult situation as they are awaiting processing of their refugee claims and are thus unable to access many normal government services. Statistically the vast majority of asylum seekers are found to be genuine refugees and hence as in our other HS sessions we needed to give our clients the best start at a healthy life that we could.

As with every HS session we had a number of hurdles to overcome. We had a larger than expected group of clients and children who continued to trickle in throughout the day. There are a number of problems that this created but the HS team and the student volunteers were not fazed in the slightest and were able to continue to deliver health education without distraction. Having the young ones running around really gave the day a family perspective. There were many smiles had as a few of the cheeky little ones tried to take some extra baklava during lunch!

This session was also the first time we were able to give our clients our brand new Healthy Start showbags that were developed with the support of our sponsor Greater Metro South Brisbane Medicare Local (GMSBML). Inside these showbags we had a number of health products including bandaids, sunscreen, tooth brushes, tooth paste and more. The hope is that we can give our clients some practical tools to use for the health of themselves and their families. Many of our products were donated from businesses and we are continuously looking for more supplies so we can continue to provide this service in the future. If you have any contacts with health related products that might like to donate to a great cause then let us know!

We were delighted to welcome our very special guests from James Cook University in Townsville. Christina Nguyen and Joshua O’Reilly both medical students from JCU flew in specifically to see how the session runs in the hope that they will be able to start their own Healthy Start further north. We were really happy to have them join us and we look forward to working together in the future. Also a big welcome to Ellen (from GMSBML) as well as Lena (Doctor at PA Hospital) and Charlotte (Psychologist) who came and helped out during the day.

A big thanks to all the students who came and made the day a success. Everyone in the HS team is so excited about what 2014 will bring and we hope you will be there to join us!

*Please note: pictures of our clients from HS#5 are not shown below in order to protect their privacy

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