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Healthy Start Session #2 Adolescent Health 2013

Healthy Start Session #2

HS Session #2 was focused on Adolescent health as we ran a session with 60+ clients all on an unaccompanied humanitarian minor visa (all under the age of 18).

Healthy Start Volunteers 4

Marrillo Jayasuriya (4th year Griffith Medical Student) gives a brief rundown of the Men’s Health Module

This time our clientele was quite different, the entire refugee group were males between the ages of 16-18 years. For this demographic it was decided among the executive team, MDA and case workers from Red Cross Australia that having a separate module focused on Adolescent Health, and specifically the health issues related to young males would be highly beneficial.

One of our long standing executive members Jack Henderson, a 3rd year medical student at Griffith put a lot of time and effort into developing an Adolescent Health module with role-plays and discussions to cover issues of smoking, alcohol, peer pressure and basic actions in the event of an emergency situation or accident. The module was an absolute hit, and the young men expressed that not only had they really enjoyed the interactive way the module was taught, but also that they had learnt a lot they otherwise may not have.

The feedback from students, clients and the settlement organisations (MDA and Red Cross Australia) was extremely positive. We feel like in this session we were able to engage, educate and act as role models to a group of teens that are on a very difficult journey. Being alone, without family, and in a new country is no easy task and we hope we allowed these young men to take the right steps towards a positive and healthy future.



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