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Healthy Start Session #1 2014

Healthy Start Session #1 2014

HS Session #1 2014 included 50 refugees from Bhutanese and Karen communities!

The first session of the year Healthy Start Session #1 included approximately 50 refugees from the Bhutanese and Karen communities. Initially this group of refugees were reported to be very shy and conservative so it was to our surprise to see them slowly getting engaged with our modules as the day rolled on.

The day was topped off by fantastic catering from Govindas who provided us with plentiful chicken curry, lentil soup and rice. Never have we been so well fed at a Healthy Start Session. Fortunately, post-prandial sleepiness did not deter our volunteers and refugees from capping the day off with Men’s and Women’s Health, which concluded with our usual surprise Healthy Start Showbag.

BIG thanks to all the students who volunteered in this day! A special mention to the Bondies who volunteered for our session despite having Med ball that evening. We were very delighted to have medical, dental, nutrition/dietetics and public health students from QUT, UQ, Griffith and Bond Universities. It seems our family is growing and spreading to different health faculties!

Looking forward to sharing another fantastic year with everyone
– The Healthy Start Team

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