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Healthy Start Inala

This Session may have been one of our biggest!

We were joined by a mix bag of health students studying psychology, midwifery, dentistry, medicine and nutrition/dietetics from QUT, Griffith, UQ and Bond Universities.


Our clientele comprised of 50 Somalian clients who were accompanied by approximately 40-50 children. As with any Healthy Start Session we had to do a lot of on the spot decision making on how the day will run, such as how to feed 40 very hungry children. The Session was also ran in Inala, as most of the clients lived in the neighbourhood.


This entire day would not have been possible without the dedicated and passionate workers from the Multicultural Development Association (MDA) who ensure that the clients arrive on the day and enough cultural support workers are available for help. A lot goes into planning these Sessions and the team from MDA are amazing. Thanks Nikki Wyne and Belinda Aldridge!

Oscar and Laura with their futile attempts at adopting our client's children

Oscar and Laura with their futile attempts at adopting our client’s children

It was a long, tiring and hot day. Our voices were spent and some stomachs were grumbling. Regardless, we were all smiling by the end!

– The Healthy Start Team

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