About Us

Our Mission

To the refugees

To actively engage the Refugee population that is settled in Australia and equip them with the skills they need to look after their own health and the health of their families. The process of arriving in Australia is one that is long and traumatic. Some of our clients will be coming after years or decades in camps on the outskirts of conflict, with a constant danger of violence and situational insecurity.

Our program hopes to provide refugees with the information they need to look after their health in an Australian context. We can’t do anything to change the past but we can be active in the present to give our clients the best chance at a happy and healthy future.


  • Provide knowledge and confidence in health topics
    • General Health, Nutrition, Medications, Men’s health, Women’s health, GP/Hospital/Emergency, Adolescent health
  • Encourage prompt and efficient interaction with Australian health care
  • Address negative stereotypes relating to health care and health professionals
  • Allow an opportunity to interact with locals to help with the process of integration


To the students and health professionals

Healthy Start aims to provide an opportunity for health students and professionals to gain new skills and understanding. Multiculturalism is celebrated in Australia and there is no doubt that during their health careers our participants will interact with patients from a wide array of backgrounds, a proportion of these will be refugees. By participating in the program we will educate students and health professionals on the intricacies and reality of the refugee situation and train them in the skills that will help their patients in the future.

Healthy Start also hopes to motivate and inspire students and health professionals to actively help those in the community that need it most. By instilling this ethic we can help build a group of health provisors that will work to maintain the cohesiveness of our communities. We believe that this will counteract the  estrangement and marginalisation of refugees which would likely lead to further disparity. A reason that many of us chose medicine or other health careers was to make a positive change in people’s lives. Healthy Start will grant those interested the skills and experience they need to make these changes during their professional careers.


  • Improving important basic health knowledge
  • Acquiring knowledge on refugee health
  • Acquiring adult education skills
  • Gaining familiarity in using interpreters
  • Improving cultural Competence
  • Addressing negative stereotypes
  • Community involvement
  • Resume building
  • Networking and efficient teamwork with students from different universities and faculties.
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