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Healthy Start was born as a completely student driven program however since 2010 many of our students have graduated and are now working health professionals. Healthy Start is thus run by both Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and health students. The people below are involved with the management of Healthy Start over the years.  All of them dedicate their time to the cause on a voluntary basis and the program would never exist without their love and endless work.

The Founding Team:
Healthy Start was created with the collaborative work of a small team of Medical students during their studies from 2010 onward. A special thanks goes to them as they spent years of their own time making sure this program was a success. 


2017/2018 Royal Darwin Hospital

Dr Maya Wositzky
Darwin Coordinator

Dr Sanjay Joseph 
Darwin Coordinator

2018 Griffith (HOPE4HEALTH)

Abbey Hoswell
Griffith Coordinator

Sascha Lopez
Griffith Coordinator

2018 UQ (TIME)

Genevieve Vuong
UQ Coordinator

Angell Zang
UQ Coodinator

2018 Bond University (M.A.D.)

Anagha Anand 
BOND Coordinator

2017 Griffith (HOPE4HEALTH)

Shreya Bhushan 
Griffith Coordinator

2015 Griffith (HOPE4HEALTH)

Praneel Kumar
Griffith Coordinator

2014 Griffith (HOPE4HEALTH)

Marrillo Jayasuriya

Laura ‘LDS’ De Souza
Griffith Coordinator.

Kris Salaveria
Griffith Coordinator.

Kara Boyle
Griffith Exec.

David Flynn
Griffith Exec.

Oscar Close
Griffith Exec.

Jack Henderson
Griffith Exec
Nimanthi Malawaraarachchi
Griffith Exec.

Laura Renger
Griffith Exec.

Sanj Dang
Griffith exec.

Dan Phan
Griffith Exec.

Eesha Mahendran
Griffith Exec.

Tasha Bhullar
Griffith Exec.

2014 BOND (M.A.D.)

Hiba Gundru
BOND Coordinator

Priya Sekar
BOND exec.

2014 UQ (TIME)

Katherine Wyld
UQ Coordinator.

2014 JCU (Santé)

Christina Nguyen
JCU Coordinator.

2014 QUT

Ashlee Teakle
QUT Coordinator.
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